we promote young art

The Prima Kunst association gives young artists the opportunity to exhibit in unique spaces in Kiel. We mainly invite national and international artists to develop a dialogue about art in Kiel.

we talk about young art

We discuss with and about young artists in terms of current statements on art and culture. From that we wish to draw the most possible and broad potential for our internal (artist to artist) and external (general society) dialogues.

we organise young art

The Prima Kunst association is an independent, non-profit, registered association. The members work together in teams to originate different activities or exhibitions in various temporary spaces as well as in our established overseas container in the City Gallery in Kiel.

we link up young art

Prima Kunst is a member of the network Netzwerk für revolutionäre Ungeduld (members: Popshop Kiel, Studio 18, Fahrradkinokombinat, Papierladen) which organised one of the first art and culture festivals in Kiel  (futur3-festival) in 2017, 2018  and 2020. Together with Gallery Cubeplus, Galerie Simone Menne, Sammlung Haus N and G14 & Allstars, Prima Kunst organised the exhibition Massnahme in 2020 which combined the work of well known and non-established artists. Warmest thanks for working together!

we are tremendiously thankful for …

… being able to have worked together with the City Gallery Kiel since 2002, where we can provide our Prima exhibition in our overseas container!

… having been promoted by the Ministry of Justice, Culture and Europe of Schleswig-Holstein with our container project in 2017 and hope for a further collaboration!

… working with the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design. For one thing many of the Prima Kunst members are alumni and even more they thoroughly support the Prima Kunst association in every way they can!




long text for the press

The special interest of the association Prima Kunst is the support and the promotion of young and contemporary art. Thus Prima Kunst offers a platform for artists and people interested in art. As part of the association’s objective, different exhibitions in cooperation with international artists are organized regularly. The main exhibition site is an overseas container, which has been located in the Stadtgalerie Kiel since 2002. Alongside the regular exhibition program we host special performance events and work in close collaboration with other artist-run spaces in Kiel and other cities. Prima Kunst is steadily looking for further possibilities to present young art to the public in order to strengthen Kiel as one of the most important locations for art in Schleswig-Holstein. These programs are also essential to improve social cooperation and to stimulate mutual exchange. The society consists of a motivated, young team whose members are employed in creative occupations or study art. Therefore we aim at gaining a highly versatile potential and new inspirational artworks from our cooperation with young artists.