Umut Yasat — Offene

Acrylic, aluminum, cotton, concrete, pencil, bronze, colored pencil, stainless steel, iron, fiber stick, felt, glass, gold, hemp, wood, jute, adhesive, coal, chalk, pen, plastic, copper, varnish, leather, linoleum, air, brass, oil, paper, cardboard, papyrus, pile soil, perspex, sand, foam, silver, putty, steel, polystyrene, ink, clay and time.
2009–2014: State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe with G. Kluge, J. Burgert and M. v. Eeden; 2015: master’s student of M. v. Eeden
text © Umut Yasat

Umut Yasat (former student of Karlsruhe) plays with materials and processes which naturally belong to every day life. He observes them and partially puts them together in a new context, while continuously integrating the sheer »non-control« that everyday life gives you. Umut Yasat creates inner-changing objects or sculptural staples, one of which was presented in the exhibition »Offene« in the Prima Kunst Container.
text © Marleen Krallmann

opening: September 15th 2017, 7 p.m., Prima Kunst Container @ Stadtgalerie Kiel
exhibition: 15 September 2017–14 November 2017



photos © Marleen Krallmann and Joscha Brüning

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