Planet Waves, Jim Dunlop U.S.A., Ibanez Thin Japan,
Herdim Germany, Sharkfin Sweden, Pyramid, Firestone,
Gravity Striker, Fender Heavy, Ortega Soft, Herco Flex,
Pickboy Genjine Bone Handmade, Kiwaya, Kasho,
National M, Blue Chip, Adamas, Everlast Ernie Ball…

»White road case (26 x 22 x 26″). With „Grateful Dead Kidd“ stenciled on the sides, a Steal Your Face decal, a letter „K“ decal, a few cigarette burns on the top; as toured. A much traveled road case, with numerous pieces of Dead ephemera… While they didn´t produce the sounds that made the Dead
famous worldwide, they were what allowed them to happen. An indispensable piece of touring equipment, and a silent witness (of) the band´s storied career.«

Ausstellungsdauer: 16. September – 26. November 2023

Plakat: Jakob Fischer