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Category: Allgemein

Markus Seibel – Europas Herbst/Europe’s Fall

since 2012 (ongoing) The International Organization for Migration documents since 2014 the number of people who die during their migration. Since then, more than 33,200 „refugees“ have died…

Zeno Gries – Auf der Stelle [On the Spot]

It seems as if someone has just been lying in the bed, the way the covers are lying there half thrown back. The desk space is also empty….

Madeleine Christin Leroy – KONTERMARSCH [COUNTER MARCH]

Between sensuality and power – Madeleine Christin Leroy’s work is about the investigation of associative levels of meaning of objects. The materials she chooses lie in a fictional…

Anne Arndt – DEF GIRL

For the DEF GIRL exhibition, the artist Anne Arndt transformed the Prima Kunst Verein’s exhibition container, designed as a white cube, into a mobile, pink-coloured pop-up shop. But instead…