It seems like many (art)schools have missed out the chance to keep in touch with the youtube tutorial educated, post-bauhaus, post-internet (art)students. 
But what can we do about it? 
Connect yourself and learn to be aware of the deep seas, high mountains and wild tropes of the world wide web. 
After first steps in Kiel, the memeclassworldwide will retreat into Austrian nature to ponder on memes, virality, internet myths and create new perspectives of the mind and of the eye. The results will be presented at Prima Kunst Container.

memeclassworldwide participants/ members*
Juan Blanco*, Malin Dorn, Mateusz Dworczyk*, Hannes Fleckstein, Bernhard Garnicnig*, Anja Germanova, Florian Grebert, Miriam Hartung, Malte Petersen, Ramona Kortyka*, Alisa Nieto Lühr, Esteban Perez Concha & more to come.

poster designed by Falko Behrens.

Vernissage: 13. September 2019, 19 Uhr, Prima-Kunst-Container in der Stadtgalerie Kiel
Ausstellungsdauer: 14. September 2019 – 24. November 2019